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Client testimonials


This time last year I was thinking about making some changes to my life in the new year. I was rapidly approaching the same age as my dad when he dropped dead from a heart attack and I was beginning to think that if I didn't change then I may well do the same. Finally I signed up for a bootcamp. I wanted to get fitter and lose maybe 5 to 6 pounds.

Now in 2016 I'm 2 stone lighter and weigh the same as when I was eighteen. 2015 has been an incredible year.

Karen Lewis,
January 2016

Sam Hardingham has been instrumental in preparing me for the 67N Greenland Challenge.

We knew the trip was going to happen a year before we left for Greenland, which has given us plenty of time to prepare our kit and our bodies.

Sam had come well recommended so I approached her to put together a structured fitness regime to prepare for the trip. Sam quickly got her head around the fact that I would need to work on core strength and balance, with also an emphasis on strengthening my legs, knees and bum. With that planning in place we were off, and haven't looked back since.

Sam prepared my body in the best possible way. The trip itself was much harder than I had envisaged in terms of weather and terrain, so it was a blessing to not have to worry about any aches and pains that were fitness related.

In all the preparations, Sam also worked around my schedule, which was immensely helpful.

George Wells,
May 2015

I have battled with being overweight all of my life. I have tried many diets including Cambridge, Slimfast, Slimming World, Weightwatchers, resulting in yo-yo weight. The 21 Day Challenge has completely changed my approach to food. My skin feels better, I'm not bloated, I have more energy, feel fitter and have lost weight. Fantastic!

May 2015

I have been working with Sam for 3 months now and although I ride up to 14 horses a day I still need to be fitter than my job requires. I had a few minor injuries, aches and pains and with a combination of fitness sessions and sports massage my flexibility, range of movement, strength, fitness and energy levels have significantly increased.

Now I feel toned and fit enough to keep up with life... and Sam said I lost 4" off my arse!

May 2015

21 Day Fit & Lean Challenge – exactly what I needed. Results in a short space of time in a manageable way plus a re-education of one's approach to food – perfect! The exercise programme itself is fantastic and can feel immediate effect of workout but also exercises for home. The food programme is very 'do-able' and makes a lot of sense. Still on it 8 weeks later! Samantha makes it fun but is always focused and encouraging.

Great support too amongst the group for each other which is important I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone....... in fact everyone!

April 2015

As day 21 draws to a close I wanted to say a truly massive THANK YOU to everyone for their amazing support over the last few weeks. Samantha Hardingham gorgeous sunny smile and rock solid support and motivation has been truly fantastic. I can honestly say that this whole experience has completely empowered me and I have been able to forgive myself and put a lot of demons to bed, finally. Who would believe what effect changing your way of eating can have on your mental state as well as your physical appearance. Do you know how much weight I have lost actually comes second in importance to how cleansed my head feels. For me this is not the end but simply the beginning of my new journey.

April 2015

I met Sam 15 months ago after a friend suggested at a New Year’s Eve party that we should all get fit. It seemed like a great idea at the time but as the first week of January came round I was really regretting my drunken mad idea. I was not looking forward to the thought of hard exercise as I’m the type of person who has never stuck to any fitness or diet in my life.

So after lots of encouragement I went. I turned up in my only pair of tracksuit bottoms, a t shirt that was far too tight and trainers that my daughter’s friend had given me. I felt so self conscious, I was worried as my lower back had a tendency to spasm and I felt so unfit. Samantha couldn’t have been more encouraging. We had a laugh worked hard but felt we’d achieved something. I went home exhausted but buzzing. I did ache all over and couldn’t imagine how I was going to move the next day let alone do another Bootcamp but I did and each time got easier. Samantha doesn’t repeat a class, she changes things, works on different areas. You don’t get bored it’s not like a normal exercise class. We have a huge amount of fun and it’s our night out with the girls.

Samantha looks at the way we eat and what we eat. I have suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome for 20 years. Last year I did a food diary which I emailed her everyday. That was an eye opener just seeing the amount of food I ate. It also showed me how foods made me feel during the day and when I had energy. Samantha gave me suggestion on what was causing me to feel unwell and foods to avoid.

At first I struggled to change my eating habits. Because of the exercise I was toning up, I had a waist I don’t think I’d ever had and I felt strong. My back didn’t ache and I started running! I felt amazing but was still having stomach problems. I felt bloated all the time and even though I’d lost weight my stomach was very swollen still. Samantha gave me a natural eating plan which is very simple to follow and I discovered a new way to look at food. I tried it by myself at first and now my whole family enjoy this way of eating. It has changed my life and for the first time in years I feel well.

Samantha is an amazing inspirational lady. Without her I would still be feeling a frumpy nearly 40 year old. Now I feel fitter and healthier than I’ve felt in my whole life. Thank you Sam

April 2015

Bootcamp has been genuinely life-changing for me. The combination of exercise and diet advice has resulted in my IBS symptoms being better than they have been in over 20 years. And - bonus - I've lost weight, I've lost inches, and I've met the most lovely people.

April 2015

This morning's boot camp, I loved it. I have lost 9 lbs since last Monday! Woo hoo!! I know its the first week but I am chuffed to bits.

January 2015

I have suddenly noticed that my energy levels have gone up when playing tennis and in my daily life. Flexibility has increased and so has my strength.

December 2014

I joined bootcamp at just over 11 stone my aim was to lose a little weight and tone up. I have been coming for three months and am just over 10 stone and feeling fit and toned. Bootcamp is excellent and great fun!

December 2014

Before starting bootcamp I felt unfit, fat and out of shape. I started at 12st 14lbs and have lost two stone so far.

November 2014

The classes are enjoyable, friendly and varied. We always start with a warm up and finish with stretches and a cool down, both very important.

November 2014

I first noticed an improvement in my level of general fitness and now my stomach has some definition not seen on me for years! My arms, my legs, my back, indeed everything feels better and I feel so much better in myself and stronger too.

November 2014