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Top 10 Tips to a successful healthier change of lifestyle

Did you see the East Anglian Daily Times on Saturday?

Well yours truly had a double page write up on getting fit in four minutes a day using the HIIT system and how I lost weight after my second child.

Even though HIIT only takes four minutes a day, in order to make this achievable everyday I had to make it a non negotiable in my life along with my Love Natural Eating plan.

How did I do that?

To create a long term healthier lifestyle requires a change of our environment.  

It’s much harder to change our minds but if you make a few small minor adjustments in your environment, particularly the kitchen this can really help good behaviours become habitual.

Make good behaviours convenient and behaviours that don’t enhance your healthier environment and lifestyle less convenient.

Here are my top 10 tips to help you change your environment so it will naturally lead you to successful habitual behaviours.

  1. Leave your workout gear by the bed, so when you get up in the morning, you put that on and you’ll feel obliged to exercise
  2. Leave a few pieces of home gym equipment around the house, for example use a kettlebell/dumbbell as a doorstop and each time you go past do a few reps
  3. If you have a dog make sure you walk it or ask friends to join you so it becomes a social gathering that’s fun
  4. Use your fridge as your vision board, pin up your goals
  5. Keep biscuits, crisps, chocolate whatever your vice at the supermarket, if you don’t buy them you can’t eat them
  6. Always have cherry tomatoes or vegetable sticks already prepared to snack on, we’ll always go for what’s convenient so have them ready to hand
  7. Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry and do it online, you won’t be able to take a turn down the middle aisles where all the processed food lives
  8. Use a meal plan - it will save you money, time and keep you on track
  9. Ask our friends and family to support you - kids love to see you doing a workout, ask them to remind you and get them to join in
  10. If you’re at a desk all day then put on a timer for 25 mins through the day and get up and move around or have a stretch.

Above all, make things easy for yourself, because if you ‘always do, what you’ve always done, you’ll always get, what you’ve always got!’.

Set your environment for success.

To your future health and fitness in 2017




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