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New Year, New You? I've been in your shoes.........

Happy 2017!

It’s the 1st January as I write this and I suspect many of you will be thinking it’s a time for New Year Resolutions.

However New Years Resolutions on average only last two to three weeks especially for diets!

So how do you change that?

Over the festive period we’ve been to various parties and my husband was chatting to various clients and friends of ours that hadn’t realised that I’d been overweight at all.

Five years ago I was three and a half to four stone overweight and had had ENOUGH!

It was time to change once and for all.  I had been researching diets for the previous year and had come to the point where I was going to brave it alone and go with my gut instinct which is how my Love Natural Eating program was born.

In the first 10 days I lost 10 pounds and never looked back.  However to get to that point of change was a much longer process.  

I’ve since trained in Mindset Transformation and realised that these were exactly the techniques I’d used myself to get me to that point of change, the point where you can no longer continue with the same old path.

Change is usually driven by pain.    Some people have higher thresholds than others and/or their  neural pathways of pain and pleasure  are crossed and therefore they never succeed in be able to reach change.

A prime example is somebody that devours a whole packet of biscuits that they love and yet they’ve been trying to lose weight for a long period of time. Unsuccessfully. The pleasure is short term but it’s long term pain that they’re experiencing.  Switching the pain/pleasure receptor is key in the change sequence.

I teach this more in depth in my nutritional courses and the effects are amazing!  

Thought you’d like to see a couple of before and after photos of myself, the before isn’t that great as I avoided the camera like the plague at this time - confidence was at an all time low.  However you can tell its changed in the after photo!



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