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Top 10 Tips to a successful healthier change of lifestyle

Did you see the East Anglian Daily Times on Saturday?

Well yours truly had a double page write up on getting fit in four minutes a day using the HIIT system and how I lost weight after my second child.

Even though HIIT only takes four minutes a day, in order to make this achievable everyday I had to make it a non negotiable in my life along with my Love Natural Eating plan.

How did I do that?

To create a long term healthier lifestyle requires a change of our environment.  

It’s much harder to change our minds but if you make a few small minor adjustments in your environment, particularly the kitchen this can really help good behaviours become habitual.

Make good behaviours convenient and behaviours that don’t enhance your healthier environment and lifestyle less convenient.

Here are my top 10 tips to help you change your environment so it will naturally lead you to successful habitual behaviours.

  1. Leave your workout gear by the bed, so when you get up in the morning, you put that on and you’ll feel obliged to exercise
  2. Leave a few pieces of home gym equipment around the house, for example use a kettlebell/dumbbell as a doorstop and each time you go past do a few reps
  3. If you have a dog make sure you walk it or ask friends to join you so it becomes a social gathering that’s fun
  4. Use your fridge as your vision board, pin up your goals
  5. Keep biscuits, crisps, chocolate whatever your vice at the supermarket, if you don’t buy them you can’t eat them
  6. Always have cherry tomatoes or vegetable sticks already prepared to snack on, we’ll always go for what’s convenient so have them ready to hand
  7. Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry and do it online, you won’t be able to take a turn down the middle aisles where all the processed food lives
  8. Use a meal plan - it will save you money, time and keep you on track
  9. Ask our friends and family to support you - kids love to see you doing a workout, ask them to remind you and get them to join in
  10. If you’re at a desk all day then put on a timer for 25 mins through the day and get up and move around or have a stretch.

Above all, make things easy for yourself, because if you ‘always do, what you’ve always done, you’ll always get, what you’ve always got!’.

Set your environment for success.

To your future health and fitness in 2017



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Do we really need to count calories?

I’d say no for the majority of us because eating unprocessed foods and drinking unprocessed drinks is enough to keep us at a healthy maintainable weight.

Packaged foods are allowed 20% leeway of calories on their food labels to account for the manufacturing average.

That means you can be out by 20% that’s quite a lot if you’re calorie counting.

But when does a calorie not equal a calorie?

The Thermal Effect of Food (TEF) is the amount of energy that it takes to digest your food.  The calories on the packet don’t take this into account.

For protein that can be up to 20-30%, carbohydrates 5-10% and fats 0-3%.

Generally 10% of your caloric intake is used to digest your food.  

For example if you’re eating peanut butter you’re likely to absorb 100% of the caloric intake as opposed to when you’re eating whole peanuts where you’re likely to absorb only 70% of the caloric intake as it’s already processed, broken down and your digestive process, chewing, masticating, churning, making stomach acids, creating enzymes, peristalsis all requires energy and therefore uses calories.

I’ve always said I’m not a fan of smoothies, juices or shakes and life is just too short to calorie count unless there is a specific reason like a competition or you really aren’t losing weight.

Chewing and mastication are an essential part of digestion and the smoothies, juices and shakes skip these steps and can help your digestive system become sluggish.  (If you’re making soup, make sure they’re chunky and thick and require some chewing)

A 100 calories of Mars Bar versus a 100 calories of celery is therefore not quite the same.  The Mars Bar is processed, isn’t nutrient rich and you’ll absorb 100% of the calories and the 100 calories of celery will have you in a negative calories because it takes more than 100 calories to digest it.  

Generally speaking if you want to lose weight eat whole unprocessed foods and let your body use it’s energy to breakdown the food and work for you.

Occasionally they’ll be someone that this doesn’t work for - I’d then suggest that they keep an eye on their macronutrient ratios.  Myfitnesspal works well as it tracks what you’re eating and how you can adjust or tweak your nutritional intake as long as you really do log everything you’re eating!





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How's Dry January going?

If you’re somebody that has a glass of wine every night as part of your evening ritual I’m guessing by now that you’re probably missing it and if you’re not are you going to back to that ritual?

The NHS guidelines currently are:

“Men and women are advised not to drink more than 14 units a week on a regular basis

Spread your drinking over three or more days if you regularly drink as much as 14 units a week

If you want to cut down, try to have several drink-free days each week”

Dry January was born in 2011 by one woman Emily Robinson who didn’t like running much and yet she’d entered her first half marathon and to help herself she cut out alcohol in January which made her feel so much better in herself that people started asking her about it.

To cut a long story short Alcohol Concern picked up on this and here we are in 2017 with 16% of the nation joining in, creating better habits around alcohol and reports that after Dry January individuals alcohol consumption reduces drastically.

I like to think of ‘health’ similar to that of a Pension.  You have to put something in to get something out.  It’s something that you have to invest in and be committed to in order to reap the benefits.  You pay in what you get out.  Dry January is a good investment.

Now after Christmas everybody wants to lose their layer of turkey and trifle but alcoholic drinks are the invisible calories.    By reducing your alcohol intake or joining Dry January even if we’re only half way through the month it’ll have a positive impact on your body and waistline.  It’s likely that you’ll sleep better and feel better - it’s a win, win, what’s not to love?


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Ever given up on something?

Have you ever given up on something?

Ever pondered or given it some thought as to WHY?

Did you suffer a knock back?

Did you miss doing that thing one day and then two and then not get back into it again?

One of the reasons that people fail to succeed in health and fitness is their lack of decision.

The concept in their mind is short term and it’s no different whether it’s business or health and fitness.

To try and change your perception of this think about your retirement - have you planned for it?

If you pay into a pension then you’re forward planning for the rest of your days and health is exactly the same.

We can’t buy health but we can work towards optimal health everyday.

It doesn’t have to be done all at once.

An extra glass of water a day.  A smaller glass of wine.  

Just working towards optimal health everyday, chip, chip, chipping away at it.

Over a year that’s 365 steps close to a healthier version of you.

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New Year, New You? I've been in your shoes.........

Happy 2017!

It’s the 1st January as I write this and I suspect many of you will be thinking it’s a time for New Year Resolutions.

However New Years Resolutions on average only last two to three weeks especially for diets!

So how do you change that?

Over the festive period we’ve been to various parties and my husband was chatting to various clients and friends of ours that hadn’t realised that I’d been overweight at all.

Five years ago I was three and a half to four stone overweight and had had ENOUGH!

It was time to change once and for all.  I had been researching diets for the previous year and had come to the point where I was going to brave it alone and go with my gut instinct which is how my Love Natural Eating program was born.

In the first 10 days I lost 10 pounds and never looked back.  However to get to that point of change was a much longer process.  

I’ve since trained in Mindset Transformation and realised that these were exactly the techniques I’d used myself to get me to that point of change, the point where you can no longer continue with the same old path.

Change is usually driven by pain.    Some people have higher thresholds than others and/or their  neural pathways of pain and pleasure  are crossed and therefore they never succeed in be able to reach change.

A prime example is somebody that devours a whole packet of biscuits that they love and yet they’ve been trying to lose weight for a long period of time. Unsuccessfully. The pleasure is short term but it’s long term pain that they’re experiencing.  Switching the pain/pleasure receptor is key in the change sequence.

I teach this more in depth in my nutritional courses and the effects are amazing!  

Thought you’d like to see a couple of before and after photos of myself, the before isn’t that great as I avoided the camera like the plague at this time - confidence was at an all time low.  However you can tell its changed in the after photo!


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