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Did you know women were designed to binge eat? Top 5 Tips to help you STOP binge eating!

Yes it’s true - did you know that?

Women were designed to binge eat.  


In primal times when we would have been childbearing most of the time we weren’t in a position to go and hunt for food.  We lacked the freedom to move around and so when we had the chance to eat we would have binged on food creating fat stores for leaner times.

However food is now available 24/7 with no seasonal restrictions either.  

Yet we still binge eat even though modern day woman has come so far our primal instincts are as strong as ever.

Can we stop long term binge eating behaviour?  Yes we can!

The law of nutrition says ‘if it’s in the house you’ll eat it, maybe not now, maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow but at some point you’ll eat it’.

Trigger foods that cause binge eating are usually salty or sugary foods (sugar is more addictive than cocaine) such as biscuits, crisps and chocolate.  I haven’t come across anybody binge eating on carrots yet!

Start to become aware of WHY you are binge eating, what are the triggers?

Does it happen when you are bored?

Does it happen when you’re unable to face uncomfortable feelings?

Is it lack of willpower or motivation?

Everybody eats or doesn’t eat for a reason.

When you become more aware of these trigger points you’re then able to change the behaviour pattern that leads to binge eating behaviour.

Once you’ve become more aware of those feelings these are my Top 5 Tips to help you STOP Binge Eating:

1. Stop buying your binge eating foods (and don’t go shopping when you’re hungry) - one of my clients cut her weekly food bill in half by doing this!

2. Raise your endorphins by moving more or exercising - run up the stairs ten times and walk back down or put on your favourite song and have a good dance.

3. Do some breathing exercises - breathe in to your stomach for the count of four, hold for seven and breathe out for eight - repeat 10 times.

4. When you start to head towards the cupboards or fridge - practice the art of distraction, go and do something else more positive like that job that you’ve been meaning to do for ages - need to clean a cupboard - now is the time!

5. Shut your eyes and create a video of yourself in your head of what life will be like if you continue to binge eat.  What will you look like and what will your health be like in 10 years time?  Now create another video of yourself if you were to stop that behaviour - how much better would your life be in 10 years time?  Repeat this exercise daily, make sure you visualise it in great detail what can you hear, smell, touch and feel - it’s incredibly powerful!

As we’re coming up to the festive season it’s SO easy to binge eat but Christmas is just a day when family and friends come together for a roast!  Yes we’re surrounded by food but it’s 2016 so you can discuss with the primal part of your brain that there WILL be another meal in the next 24 hours and that you’d like to CHANGE!



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