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Did you know women were designed to binge eat? Top 5 Tips to help you STOP binge eating!

Yes it’s true - did you know that?

Women were designed to binge eat.  


In primal times when we would have been childbearing most of the time we weren’t in a position to go and hunt for food.  We lacked the freedom to move around and so when we had the chance to eat we would have binged on food creating fat stores for leaner times.

However food is now available 24/7 with no seasonal restrictions either.  

Yet we still binge eat even though modern day woman has come so far our primal instincts are as strong as ever.

Can we stop long term binge eating behaviour?  Yes we can!

The law of nutrition says ‘if it’s in the house you’ll eat it, maybe not now, maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow but at some point you’ll eat it’.

Trigger foods that cause binge eating are usually salty or sugary foods (sugar is more addictive than cocaine) such as biscuits, crisps and chocolate.  I haven’t come across anybody binge eating on carrots yet!

Start to become aware of WHY you are binge eating, what are the triggers?

Does it happen when you are bored?

Does it happen when you’re unable to face uncomfortable feelings?

Is it lack of willpower or motivation?

Everybody eats or doesn’t eat for a reason.

When you become more aware of these trigger points you’re then able to change the behaviour pattern that leads to binge eating behaviour.

Once you’ve become more aware of those feelings these are my Top 5 Tips to help you STOP Binge Eating:

1. Stop buying your binge eating foods (and don’t go shopping when you’re hungry) - one of my clients cut her weekly food bill in half by doing this!

2. Raise your endorphins by moving more or exercising - run up the stairs ten times and walk back down or put on your favourite song and have a good dance.

3. Do some breathing exercises - breathe in to your stomach for the count of four, hold for seven and breathe out for eight - repeat 10 times.

4. When you start to head towards the cupboards or fridge - practice the art of distraction, go and do something else more positive like that job that you’ve been meaning to do for ages - need to clean a cupboard - now is the time!

5. Shut your eyes and create a video of yourself in your head of what life will be like if you continue to binge eat.  What will you look like and what will your health be like in 10 years time?  Now create another video of yourself if you were to stop that behaviour - how much better would your life be in 10 years time?  Repeat this exercise daily, make sure you visualise it in great detail what can you hear, smell, touch and feel - it’s incredibly powerful!

As we’re coming up to the festive season it’s SO easy to binge eat but Christmas is just a day when family and friends come together for a roast!  Yes we’re surrounded by food but it’s 2016 so you can discuss with the primal part of your brain that there WILL be another meal in the next 24 hours and that you’d like to CHANGE!


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What's happening for you in 2017?

This week I’ve been doing my pinboard on Pinterest for 2017 - I love doing this - I search for images of everything I want to achieve or do in 2017 it’s fun and thereauputic.

Looking back at the 2016 pinboard I did everything on that board bar one thing - a visit to Lapland that the children said NO to?!   Looks like we’ll leave that for another year.

Although it’s great to write lists our brain doesn’t think in words.  It thinks in pictures.  You get what you visualise.  Hence the board.

From then on it’s broken down by the quarter with the ‘Three Big Rocks’ for each.  Then broken down again to monthly and weekly goals.  

I lost three and a half stone like that just by breaking it down.

Just by keeping the vision clear, knowing I would get there if I just kept plodding away at it week by week.

Maintaining the consistency, the plateaus came and went, until I got to my natural bodyweight.

I didn’t want to set the goal too high at first as it had to be realistic and be what I knew I would be happy and able to live with.  Plus I didn’t want the pressure - three and a half stone seems like a lot to lose, almost unachievable with a three month old baby, feeding and knowing you’ll have sleepless nights for the next year.

But my vision was crystal clear and my mind was set.

I achieved that goal in five months and a month later had got to my ‘maybe goal’ with relative ease and surprise.

Job done!  Now for maintenance.

Everyday is just working towards the best I can be - sometimes I get led astray…...........

But hey I can’t go back to the pain that I was in or that old vision in the mirror - that alone drives me forward everyday towards a better healthier version of myself.

There were no excuses - it was a should that became a MUST.  

How many ‘shoulds’ for 2017 are you going to make into a ‘MUST’?

Get pinning folks, it’s fun and you get what you visualise.  

If anybody would like to look at mine feel free and of course I’ll gladly accept the Jimmy Choo’s in a size 37 1/2  please!

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The 12 Days of Christmas - 80% of Success is Just Turning Up

For those of you on my mailing list you’ll be receiving the fantastic deals that are on offer from Thursday 1st December through to Monday 12th December.

You’ll see that for my Bootcamp/Ladies Group Training and One to One Training the offers are for 12 week blocks.  It might be that you think this is to long a time to commit to and you’re not sure what you’re going to be doing in the first quarter of the year.  There is a reason behind the method and my madness and that is - 80% of your success is by just turning up - yes it’s that simple!

One of my lovely ladies was struggling with the juggling act of kids and life etc and was finding it very difficult to lose any weight.  The equation had become Stress + Added Stress = Overwhelming Stress.  My simple answer was STOP TRYING.  Just turn up and be committed for 80% of the time, take the pressure off and be with like minded people that are the next level above you.  Those people will help pull you up to where you are striving to be.  We become the product of the five people that see the most.  So engaging in a network of new or like minded people that are ahead of you has a positive effect by doing very little other than just turning up.

Did that client succeed - yes she did - the next time she turned up she looked different and a ‘shift’ or an ‘adjustment’ in mindset had appeared along with a wastline and a glow of happiness!    I’m so proud of her!

So the moral of the story is you’ll succeed even with 80% effort and commitment.  If you’d to be on my list to receive the offers then just fill in your email address here 

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