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Top 10 strategies to avoid the Festive Bloat


The Christmas Party season is here and if you want to fit into your ‘Little Black Dress’ over the next four weeks here are my top 10 strategies to stop us feeling like we’d fill Santa’s outfit!

Top 10 Strategies to avoid the Festive Bloat

1. Make a note of how you feel 20 minutes after you eat dairy - milk, cheese and fruit yoghurts, wheat and processed grains like pasta and breakfast cereals, if any of these start to make you feel bloated then avoid them for three or four days before your party

2. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables around eight portions a day and two of fruit.

3. Avoid fizzy and/or fruit drinks

4. Drink around two litres of water a day

5. Drink Peppermint/fennel/liquorice teas after a meal

6. Eat slowly

7. Try to avoid overeating

8. Leave 3-5 hours between each meal

9. Leave 13 hours between dinner and breakfast

10. Supplement with a good quality digestive enzyme to aid your digestion

However, enjoy and love your food, it brings family and friends together over Christmas.  Think about all the lovely things you can have that will nourish and fuel your body and above all make you feel great!


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