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Why do we get hungry at kids tea time and what can we do to salvage it?

This is a really testing time for a lot of Mums and quite often where their downfall starts.  The downfall being we start picking - yes I’m guilty, we’ve all done it - at their left overs or as we’re cooking our kids tea and then end up scoffing everything that they’ve left.  Then we think well what the hell I’ve fallen off the wagon so I might as well carry on and by the time we get to our own dinner time we’re no longer hungry but we eat it anyway!

Well the aromas from cooking are actually the beginning of our digestive system starting to work and this tells us that we’re hungry and soon the stomach will be receiving food.  It’s a chemical message telling us that we should now be ready to eat.  However it’s a false alarm if you’re not eating until later.

Well bad habits are hard to change and even under stress if we have practised them for along time we can fall back into the old ways and that is where true belief and desire has to come in for you to succeed.  However habits are made up of the following  CUE - HABIT - REWARD.  The cue and reward need to stay the same.  For example the cue here is preparing the kids meals and the reward is getting something to eat.  The habit is the bit that needs to be tweaked  to a different routine.  If you simply can’t not eat anything at this time don’t set yourself up to fail by trying not to eat anything so instead make sure you have veg sticks prepped and some kind of dip, smoked mackerel or salmon pate, hummus, salsa or avocado so that it’s a planned snack and it’s homemade by you.  The dips can be made whilst cooking your kids meals, or you can actually get them to prepare them and try them too - team effort!  Children follow their maternal lead - they’ll learn what we do!  This is the chance to change that.

Planning is key and changing the routine of your habit and being aware of your cue will help you succeed in your long term goals in all areas of your life.  

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