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Turning back the clocks - how to stay motivated during the winter months

Now the clocks have gone back and it’s getting darker in the evenings it’s harder to keep up the motivation and enthusiasm to keep on the health and fitness track.  

Here are a few strategies that work really well through the winter months in order to maintain focus:-

1. Write down your fitness goals and what you need to do to attain that goal then review your progress regularly.

2. Surround yourself with others who regularly workout or maintain they’re fitness, eventually you’ll pick up they’re habits.

3. Always read, listen or watch stuff that inspires you on your health and fitness lifestyle.

4. Know who and what is your inspiration to keep on the health and fitness track, when you’re not feeling in the mood, reminding yourself will rekindle the enthusiasm.

5. Have someone to hold you accountable - this is non-negotiable - if you know you have someone to kick your butt every week whether it’s friend or coach, you’ll do it!

6. Stay consistent - whatever it takes - those who are consistent whether it’s health, business or fitness will get results.

7. Buddy up with a training partner, you wouldn’t stand them up would you?

8. Put your workouts in the diary and then into action.

9. Keep the workouts regular and learn some that are 15 minutes or less - at some point you’ll need them.

10. Preparation, preparation, preparation is the key otherwise you’ll get a Piss Poor Performance!

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