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Posture and Breathing

Posture is a 24/7 exercise and most of us that aren’t blessed with good posture and training from a young age find that by the time you hit your forties it’s a constant battle.  However it’s a battle worth fighting as poor posture can lead to a host of problems in later life.

Poor posture (hyperkyphosis) invites distorted, restricted, shallow breathing and other problems such as lessened self respect, self expression and increased depression.

Try this little exercise - sit down and bend over and try to breathe in.  Notice how much harder it is to breathe.  This is obviously an extreme example but you can feel how it reduces your breathing volume and ease.

Sitting for long periods of time cause shortened frontal muscles, that is lots of computer time and driving all help create the posture that makes for semi-permanent shallow breathing.  

Neck and back problems, headaches, arthritis, muscle aches, indigestion, constipation, joint stiffness, fatigue, neurological problems can all be caused or worsened by poor posture.

Correct deep breathing is essential for long term health and wellness alongside good posture and takes time to re-establish.  

Start to be aware when you are walking that you are looking up towards the horizon rather than down, this will instantly create positive thoughts.  An exercise to improve posture and deeper breathing is to sit on a chair with feet pointing out at 45 degrees and knees bent, sit up straight, arms out straight to the side and palms facing forward eyes closed and take in a deep relaxed breath for the count of four and visualise that you are filling up your stomach with air and then breathe out the air for the count of six - repeat 10 times.

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