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The camel's hump

Ever wondered what’s inside the Camel’s hump????  It’s fat - stored fat!  Camels store fat because they don’t know how long they are going to go between meals.  When you starve yourself by not eating when your hungry your body does the same thing!

That’s partly why slim people are able to eat a lot and not put on weight because they aren’t starving themselves and their bodies are able to excrete excess fat or make use of it.

In addition constantly over riding your body’s natural call for food alters your metabolism and a faster metabolism burns more calories through the day but when you stop yourself from eating it slows your metabolism down leading to feelings of lethargy which feels like mild depression.

We must eat when we ARE actually hungry to reset your body to stabilise your metabolism let the body relax, take on board the nutrients it needs and easily eliminate the rest!

Of course a daily Tabata will increase your fat burning metabolism - 4 mins of exercise - everybody has time for that - 20 secs of hard exercise - 10 secs rest for four mins - just use the stairs if you can’t think of any other exercises for this - NO EXCUSES!!!!!!


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