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Samantha Hardingham, personal trainer

I love food but it didn't always love me and nor did exercise!  I'd always struggled with maintaining weight and although I was always active, constant back/joint problems hindered the consistency in any of my sporting hobbies.  

In 2011 I had a three month old daughter, weighed 11 1/2 stone and my back and pelvis issues had reached an all time high.  Having researched nutrition throughout my pregnancy I was now desperate to lose the weight without a restriction of calories or starving. I started my 'Love Natural Eating' plan.

The weight fell off and in five months I had lost three stone.  With the help of the womens health physio I was on the very slow road to recovery.  Consistent focused exercise has now enabled me to run a couple of half marathons and three London Marathons.  The rest they say is history!

I've now had the pleasure to train George Wells and Tom Avery, world record breaking athletes and Caroline Powell 2012 Olympic Eventing Bronze medallist.  I also have a monthly column in Absolute Horse Magazine. I'm on a mission and have a passion in my Women only Bootcamps to take my clients to optimal health and live an #icanlife